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What Should You Know About the X5?

Great Vehicle, A Few Bumps in the Road

Nearly everyone recognizes that any automaker will sometimes produce a model that has an apparent glitch. Most European auto enthusiasts will tell you that BMW is a great luxury vehicle. Even so, there are occasionally some issues. Such is the case with the X5. Rocco's European Garage (East Cobb County location) in Marietta, Georgia, can help you with all your BMW preventive maintenance (including Service I & II) and repair needs.

Here They Are: Commonly Reported or Recall X5 Issues

If you drive the sporty crossover X5 luxury SUV, you'll want to be aware of a few things. Knowledge can help you recognize the signs of trouble and allow you to get help from our repair experts before you encounter more damage. If you own a first-generation X5, those made from 2000 to 2006, be aware of brake and airbag complaints. In fact, there were some recalls issued for faulty and malfunctioning airbags. While those airbags may not have deployed when needed, the second-generation cars, manufactured from 2007 to 2013, were notorious for exploding. Yes, that triggered yet more recall notifications. Along that same time (beginning in 2007), BMW introduced the variant X5s. Some of those were documented as having fuel pumps with loose wiring that resulted in fuel leaks, PVC valves that overheated and melted during short-circuits (causing fires even potentially without the car being switched on), a leaky vacuum pump that adversely impacted braking ability, and loose camshaft housing bolts. 2014-2018 models exhibited coolant leaks that sometimes sparked fires in addition to high-pressure fuel pump failures. The newest generation, 2019 to present, showed a few backup camera issues and a few improperly welded components that adversely impacted brakes. Overall, however, the X5 is getting stronger and has become more trouble-free over time.

A Great Place for BMW Repair

Regardless of whether you have an older X5 that still has some quirks and is showing its age or a newer model that's nearly perfect, Rocco's European Garage is your auto shop for BMW service and repair. We can help you with the preventive maintenance you need to keep your BMW on the road for a long time. Also, we can help you rid your SUV of troublesome issues that may lead to bigger challenges if left unaddressed.

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