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Original Equipment Manufacturer Parts for Your Volkswagen

OEM Parts

OEM? That stands for an original equipment manufacturer. It signifies that the automaker is the source for the replacement parts bearing this label. At Rocco's European Garage in Roswell, Georgia, we're happy to provide you with the best parts for your vehicle. We're also your go-to auto repair shop for all your German automobile preventive maintenance and Volkswagen repair needs.

OEM—Always a Fit

As stated, OEM parts come from the automaker. The federal government mandates that manufacturers who sell vehicles in the US provide replacement parts for those automobiles for ten years. Therefore, you can always get OEM parts for your newer model vehicle. Many companies continue beyond that, but they aren't required to. Aftermarket components are replacements made by other businesses. Most OEM parts are warrantied by the manufacturer. Such is the case with Volkswagen. The company guarantees its replacement components--aside from batteries and tires--for one year or 12,000 miles (whichever is reached first) under normal driving conditions. This protects consumers from problems with workmanship or the materials from which the part is made. You can be certain that an OEM part is going to fit your model perfectly. Specifically, the manufacturer knows their own parts and connections, so they ensure that the new piece will work as well as the old with the existing parts and available space. Aftermarket parts are often designed to fit multiple vehicles, making installation a challenge.

A Reputable Volkswagen Repair Shop for You

Rocco's European Garage is the local reputable repair facility for you. Our ASE-certified technicians can handle all your Volkswagen service needs without you making the drive to the Volkswagen dealership. What's more, we back our work with a great warranty and treat every vehicle as if it were our own, making us your best choice for Volkswagen repair.

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