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Four Common Volvo Repair Problems

Common Volvo Problems You Should Know About

Volvo vehicles are known for their outstanding safety and reliability ratings around the world, as well as their ability to travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers with little maintenance and repair. However, like with any vehicle that has been on the road for a while, there are some common issues that every Volvo owner should know about. Below, we will take a look at some of the most common Volvo repair issues. Come see us at Rocco's European Garage in Roswell, Georgia, today for all of your Volvo repair needs and courteous and expert service you can count on.

Transmission Problems

The Volvo V70 has been a part of the Volvo portfolio for more than 20 years, and is known for being a dependable and enjoyable vehicle to drive. However, numerous owners have reported a variety of issues with the transmission in this car, including unpredictable shifting and grinding gears. This problem may usually be resolved with routine maintenance, but it may also require professional Volvo repair.

Power Steering Leaks

Power steering leaks have been reported in various Volvo models. Fortunately, this is a relatively straightforward fix that only necessitates the replacement of a short, inexpensive pipe. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to get a qualified technician to fix the leak so that it doesn't happen again.

Blown Fuses

The Volvo 240 is unquestionably one of Volvo's most popular vehicles among all owners. Despite its popularity, though, the car has been known to experience problems with its fuse box. The Volvo 240's fuse box isn't in the most convenient location, beneath the dashboard. Water from the outside tends to collect within the fuse box, increasing the risk of fuse box failure due to corrosion caused by moisture.

Cooling Fan Failure

The cooling fan performs a critical function, as its purpose is to keep the car's engine as well as the air conditioning system cool. A faulty cooling fan has been reported in the Volvo XC60., which can cause the vehicle to overheat from time to time and cause a slew of severe Volvo repair issues in the long term. Luckily, this can often be remedied by having a Volvo technician update the essential software controlling the cooling fan's speed.

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Volvo vehicles have long had a good reputation compared to other automobiles on the road, but as you can see, there are still various issues that Volvo owners might experience at some point. Having a reputable technician take care of any Volvo repair issues that you may be experiencing can make a significant impact.

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